Let’s be the “Change” ourselves

I have sat silent during this election season, holding my tongue on the issues except to announce my official stance of “I’d rather burn down the White House than vote someone into it”. I haven’t rallied for a candidate (with the exception of my unabashed adoration of Sarah Palin), but I believed all along that the choices we made in the primaries were indicative of how little we care about what people actually have to offer to America this year. Yet, today, I was impressed. 
I live in the bleeding, beating heart of a bright red state. I have already seen the Facebook outcry from the diminishing conservative youth bitching about how the next four years will be shadowed in darkness and how Barack Hussien Obama Marx is going to ruin America. 
This is my message to you: Grow a set and quit complaining.
I don’t want to hear the groan of defeat, or even worse, the cocky, self-righteous gloating that I’m sure will be permeating the halls of the Communication department tomorrow. America did something great today. We got off our lazy a’s and took the time to participate in the democratic process. And today, irrefutably, America chose a new leader, and that should make you feel alive for the first time in eight years if nothing else. 
My political views are vastly irrelevant. I could write all night about Kropotikin and Paul and Third Parties and how little I actually care about America, but my beliefs are considerably tangential tonight (and in general) and are best kept in my head.
To my easy-to-hook, media-frenzied, MTV-liberal friends, I congratulate you tonight. Even though you drank the Kool-Aid that President Elect Obama gave you with great fervor, I’m happy that voters were excited for once. 
To my Prop-8-loving neosuperconservatives, please don’t complain about the new President. Please don’t lose faith in America. And please don’t be nancies about losing.
To everyone else in America, let’s be the change that Obama promised ourselves. Let’s stand up, united in the voice of the people and support our new President for once. America did something extraordinary today, we made history today. Let’s hope Obama can live up to that. (And let’s hope he keeps none of the promises he made to get himself elected, especially that bit about Pakistan.)
I’m glad Barack Obama is going to be president, I honestly am. (I’m a little less excited about a Democrat super-majority, but whatever.) I hope that we can get over our irrelevant bickering and stand behind the voice of the people. And let’s hope he doesn’t screw up.
Here’s to the next four years, America.
Till next blog.


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